Sunday, March 12, 2017


            If you are like me , you sometimes crave a burger but don't appreciate the fast food places. Then I have a place for you that is one I hesitate to recommend. Not because it isn't that good, but because it usually is so busy that it often is a wait to get a table. If you have that craving then Annie's Island Fresh Burgers is the place to go. Take Route 11 south from Kailua-Kona to Kainaliu. It is on the south end of town in the Mango Court complex.

            Did you ever think of a burger place with a full bar? We begin dinner with Jameson's Irish Whiskey. They don't have scotch but that is a good substitute. I couldn't get that at a fast food joint. As far as the food goes they have been voted the best burger in West HawaiĘ»i every year since 2011. They have appetizers. soups, and of course fantastic burgers. They also have vegetarian burgers, fish and chicken sandwiches. All coming with fries or house-made creamy coleslaw which is delicious.

            For that change of pace which many of us crave, there is no better restaurant. It is definitely worth the drive south from town.

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